What is RPC

RPC is an acronym for “Remote Procedure Call”. It is a client-server protocol allowing a program (a desktop software, a webserver, etc.) to execute a function on another machine, using HTTP messages as transport for requests and responses.

What is django-modern-rpc

This library can be used to implement a XML-RPC / JSON-RPC server as part of your Django project. It provide a simple and pythonic API to expose a set of global functions to the outside world.


  • Python 2.7, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5 or 3.6
  • Django 1.8 to 2.0
  • By default, no additional dependency is required
  • Optionally, you may need to install markdown or docutils to support rich-text in your methods documentation.

Main features

Multi-protocols support

The library supports both XML-RPC and JSON-RPC 2.0 protocols. Please note that JSON-RPC 1.0 is not supported. The request’s Content-Type is used to determine how incoming RPC call will be interpreted.


Restrict access to your RPC methods by configuring one or more predicates. They are executed before remote procedure to determine if client is allowed to run it. In addition, a set of pre-defined decorators can be used to control access based on HTTP Basic auth.

Error management

Internally, django-modern-rpc use exceptions to track errors. This help to return a correct error response to clients as well as tracking error on server side.

Other features

Multiple entry-points
You can configure your project to have as many RPC entry point as you want. This allows to provide different RPC methods depending on the URL used to expose them.
Auto-generated documentation
Provide a view and a default template to display a list of all available RPC methods on the server and the corresponding documentation, based on methods docstring.
System introspection methods
Common system methods such as system.listMethods(), system.methodSignature() and system.methodHelp() are provided to both JSON-RPC and XML-RPC clients. In adition, system.multicall() is provided to XML-RPC client only to allow launching multiple methods in a single RPC call. JSON-RPC client doesn’t need such a method since the protocol itself define how client can use batch requests to call multiple RPC methods at once.


Learn how to install and configure django-modern-rpc in one minute: read the Quick-start guide.

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